Monday, September 13, 2010

Ashley's Monthly Menu

In an effort to save money, I decided to do a monthly menu for the upcoming month.  I am going to get all the stuff that won't go bad for the month in one trip and then just go back weekly for the little things I need like fruits and veggies.  It's just an experiment to see if planning this way can save us some money on our grocery bill.  So, here is my monthly dinner menu:

1.  Black Bean Tacos
2.  Spaghetti
3.  American Lasagna
4.  Tacos
5.  Hamburgers
6.  Mexican Chicken Soup
7.  Roast
8.  Chili
9.  Tater Tot Casserole
10.  Salsa Mac and Beef
11.  White Chicken Chili
12.  Breakfast for Dinner
13.  Frozen Pizza
14.  Black Bean Tacos (again)
15.  Spaghetti (again)
16.  Hamburgers (again)

I only included 16 meals b/c the other days we will do things like leftovers, eat at my parents house, eat out a couple of times, and do simple things like chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and mac n cheese!

I'll let you know if we save any money on our grocery bill by planning this way!  :)


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