Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Monthly Menu

I'm trying out the monthly menu again.  We spent about the same amount of money but it was nice having lots of meals to choose from.  So I'm giving it another shot!

1.  Spaghetti
2.  Spaghetti
3.  Tacos
4.  Tacos
5.  Pizza
6.  Pizza
7.  Pancakes
8.  Black Bean Tacos
9.  Green Chile Chicken Potato Soup
10.  Meatball Muffins w/ BBQ Sauce
11.  Chicken and Dumplings
12.  Creamy Nachos
13.  Crockpot Steak
14.  Easy Chicken Enchiladas
15.  Easy Beef Enchiladas
16.  Manicotti
17.  Beef Tips and Gravy

The rest of the meals will be things like leftovers, eating at parents, out to eat, and quick meals like nuggets or hot dogs.


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